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Welcome to Creation Research of the North Coast

Welcome to Creation Research of the North Coast

Welcome to Creation Research of the North Coast Welcome to Creation Research of the North Coast

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Noah's Ark and Museum - Northern California

Creation Research of the North Coast is building a museum in the shape of Noah's Ark. 

CRNC was planning on this and it goes back to about 1993. The location we are looking at is just off US-101 North and near Trees of Mystery. There are approximately over million and half cars that travel that highway.  This ARK will be seen from the US-101and will have FREE parking and we will try and keep the costs close to what Trees of Mystery charges which is in the range of $12 to $17 per person. We will also have free admission to the basic museum, gift shop and restrooms. Good part of the property will be dog friendly too – just like Trees of Mystery. 

Just a rough guess people who take the tram at Trees of Mystery are close to 100,000 people a year. That is not counting the people who just stop by and use the tables to have a picnic, walk the dogs, see Paul Bunyan nor the ones who go to the museum they have – which is all free and is connected to the gift shop. The only cost as mentioned if they take the trails.    

We believe this ARK will have a major impact in the North Coast, the states near us and U.S.A. Even those who drive by it on US-101 will have a major life changing experience. The pricing will be done that pretty much all families will enjoy and can afford to attend. 

The ARK will be designed the way the Bible describes it and the late Dr. Henry Morris and Institute for Creation Research had mentioned and designed it for decades. We will also use the eye witness’s sketches to build this version of Noah’s Ark.  

This will be 100% Non-Profit so we don’t have to charge a lot to people to attend this ARK. California has the highest in the nation on corporation taxes so we will stay clear of that. This will also have NO government founding involved either. Keep an eye out on this project look for some major publicity to purchase the land we are looking at and get ready to build this version of Noah’s Ark. Between the costs of the land and buildings it should not be much more than three million dollars but could be far less. Once we start the layout of the buildings and the cost of the land we will know approximately the cost of the museum.    Stay tuned…

The image on the left was used from an ICR article. To read the full article go to the ICR Impact article that is saved as a PDF. http://www.icr.org/i/pdf/imp/imp-322.pdf 

Be sure to check out their website at www.ICR.org

I.C.R. nor this writer of the Impact article has endorsed our Noah’s Ark plans however, the shape of the ARK will be close to this image but more likely will have just one door. We will ask them for their input at some time in the near future along with Answers In Genesis.

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